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Mission Statement

Our mission is to fulfill the legally and locally mandated functions of the Assessor, County Clerk, Recorder, and Records Management Program in an accurate, timely, professional and courteous manner and to ensure high quality service.


  • ASSESSOR - To locate, inventory and value all taxable and exempt secured and unsecured property in Riverside County in accordance with the applicable constitutional, legislative and administrative provisions.
  • COUNTY CLERK - To facilitate application and license for marriage and to perform marriage ceremonies, to file notary public oaths of office, fictitious business names and other items as mandated by law or ordinance.
  • RECORDER - To record as mandated by law all recordable documents in connection with ownership and titling of properties and other negotiated items within the County of Riverside. To provide the recording, storage and certification of all documents of births, deaths, and marriages occurring within the County of Riverside and other public records and to maintain in permanence all records pertaining to same.
  • RECORDS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - To serve as the county's records manager by providing excellent in-house, contracted and advisory records management services in a cost-effective manner.