Documentary Transfer Tax / Exemptions

The Riverside County Recorder's Office is pursuing Documentary Transfer Tax on unrecorded documents when there is a change in ownership, as defined by Revenue and Taxation Code 64 (c) and (d), if the transaction involves real property within Riverside County. In addition, the exemptions from paying the tax that are identified in the Ordinance have been clarified so that they mirror the California Revenue and Taxation Code. Additional exemptions have been incorporated, and less frequently used exemptions have been removed. We have revised our Documentary Transfer Tax Affidavit, which will be effective December 1, 2014. We encourage everyone to use the new form going forward.

Click here to view the revised Documentary Transfer Tax Affidavit.
Click here to view the Notice Regarding DTT on Unrecorded Changes in Ownership.
Click here to view the Documentary Transfer Tax Information Sheet.
Click here to view the Documentary Transfer Tax Exemptions Pamphlet.

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, you may contact our office at (951) 486-7179.