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Unwarranted Solicitations

Consumers should be wary of solicitations requesting fees ranging from $25 - $500 for services that are offered at our office for a substantially lower cost or at no charge.

The Clerk charges a nominal fee for filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement.

Riverside County business owners have received solicitations from a private company warning them of an expired FBN and requesting payment of $501 to renew it. This company is not affiliated with the County nor does the County endorse this entity. Business owners may file a FBN statement at any of our office locations. The fee for filing a fictitious business name statement is $58.00 for the fictitious business and first registrant plus $2.00 for each additional business name or registrant on the statement doing business at the same address. This fee includes one certified copy of the statement and one copy for publishing requirements.

Assessor does not charge a fee to review your property values or file a Homeowner’s Exemption (HOX).

Various private companies are sending mailings to Riverside County property owners offering their services, for a fee, to pursue a property tax reduction or HOX. These companies may charge anywhere from $25 to hundreds of dollars to file for a reduction in value or HOX on behalf of the property owner. Some companies are even imposing late fees if the application is received after an arbitrary deadline. Be aware that solicitations from private companies offering to pursue a reduction in property taxes or HOX must clearly indicate that they are NOT a government agency and that their services are NOT approved or endorsed by any government agency.

Any solicitations or mailings from private companies that seek to charge a taxpayer to pursue a property tax reduction for a fee are NOT from any County of Riverside department, County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder or the County of Riverside Assessment Appeals Board.

Effective January 1, 2010, it is illegal for companies or tax agents to collect fees in advance to file for a reduction in value. Fees may only be collected after an application has been filed with either the Assessor or the Assessment Appeals Board.

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Decline in Value (Prop 8) Information

The Recorder charges a nominal fee for a grant deed.

Riverside County residents have received solicitations from a private company encouraging them to obtain a certified copy of their property Grant Deed for a fee of $167. Typically the Grant Deed is mailed to the new homeowner after the purchase is finalized. However, the public may request a certified copy for a nominal fee. Customers have three options when requesting a copy of their Grant Deed.

In Person: The cost of an official record is $6.50 for the first page, $1.00 for each additional page, and $1.00 for certification of the document.

Online: Select "Online Services", "Records Index Search". VitalChek charges an additional $6.00 fee, per document, for this service when purchasing a document with a credit card.

By Mail: Mail your request to: Assessor County Clerk-Recorder – P.O. Box 751 – Riverside, CA 92502-751 Attn: Certified Section. Mail processing time is 2 - 4 weeks.

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