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File your Business Property Statement Online

Business Property Statements can now be filed quickly and easily online at using the e-SDR system.

Small business filers with one or a few locations may file the following forms online: 571-L, 571-R, 571-A or 571-F. Statements are completed one at a time by filling in the blanks. The system does all the calculations for you. It also allows you to save a statement and come back later to complete it. You will get a confirmation number with a date and time stamp when you submit the statement. You do not need to buy any special software to file online.

How to get started. Go online to and click on the >> e-SDR user button on the left. Enter your Account Number and Business ID Number (BIN) to begin. Your Account Number and BIN are located at the top right corner of your property statement.

Online Filing Benefits:

• Filing instructions, help screens, and reference materials are provided online.
• Print completed statements with schedules, filing confirmation and the exact time it was submitted.
• Statements are stored online for seven (7) years.
• Access to your statement(s) is password protected.
• Statements are encrypted and transmitted on a secured site to protect confidential information.
• E-filing is cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Large business filers with numerous locations in one or more counties may choose to submit statements (data files) all in one upload. Programming or special software is required to create these data files in the approved XML schema. Registration for this program may be done online at To get a copy of the approved schema, print and sign a Schema Request Form from the Links menu bar near the top of the page.

IMPORTANT: KEEP YOUR PROPERTY STATEMENT IN A SAFE PLACE. The Account Number and BIN provides secure access to your statement, guards your confidential information, and protects your privacy.

April 1 . . . Business Property Statements Are Due
May 7 . . . Last Day before 10% Penalty is Applied to Late Filed Statements
*If either date falls on a weekend, a legal holiday, or a day the County Assessor’s Office is closed, the deadline is extended to the close of the next regular business day.

Filing deadlines are established in Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 441(b) and 463, and apply to hardcopy, as well as, electronic filing. File on time to avoid a late filing penalty. No filing extension will be granted.

If you have any questions, please call (951) 955-6210.