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Recorded Documents (Official Records)

Obtaining Copies

You may purchase copies of recorded documents (official records) by coming into our main office; or selected satellite offices by mail, by fax, or online.

The Application for Search and Copy of Official Records by Mail may be downloaded by clicking here.


Each document is priced separately; the fees are as follows:

Regular Copy
First page 6.50
Each additional page 1.00
Certification of complete copy 1.00


Payment Options: Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit Card
If submitting check or money order, please make it payable to the Riverside County Recorder.
We do not accept temporary checks or altered money orders.


Obtaining Copies in Person

You may view or purchase a copy of a recorded document in person from any of the following satellite offices (for documents recorded from 1974 to present only): Riverside Downtown, Hemet, Palm Desert, Temecula, or Blythe.

You may go to our main office at Riverside Gateway to view or purchase documents from 1893 to the present.

All applicable fees must be paid before your request can be processed. You will receive your copy the same day (provided the request does not require extensive research).

You are encouraged to view each document prior to requesting copies. The average number of pages of a document is six pages, but some can be well over 100 pages. Fees are charged prior to copies being made. It is your responsibility to determine, prior to ordering copies, if you are ordering the correct document. No refunds will be issued once the copies are made.


Obtaining Copies by Mail/Fax

Copies of recorded documents may also be requested by mail or by fax.

You may submit a written request containing the following information:

  • Document title and/or type of document.
  • Complete name(s) of parties referenced on the document
  • A time frame to be searched
  • Additional information that might be helpful: document recording number, parcel number

Please note: For documents recorded prior to 1976 our office is limited to searching two years prior and two years after the estimated year of recording.

Please include the application form and sufficient funds. If you are not sure of the exact amount, please enclose a NTE (not to exceed) check. To do so, simply write “NTE” on the memo line with a designated amount. On average, a safe amount to designate is $10.00 per document. Once the correct fee is established, our office will fill in the amount on the check. If we are unable to process your request, a Blue Rejection Letter will be returned to you with further instructions. Attached to the rejection letter, you will receive your original request and your check or money order, if applicable.

Requests should be mailed to:

P.O. BOX 751
RIVERSIDE, CA 92502-0751

Mail processing time is 1 to 2 weeks. This is our average processing time, which may occasionally increase as our volume of requests increases.

If submitting by fax: Please fax to (951) 486-7050. Please note: An additional processing fee of $6.00 applies for this service when using a credit card. This fee is charged by VitalChek.

To order via email, send your request to Please include your telephone number as one of our clerks will contact you promptly for payment information. Please note: An additional processing fee of $6.00 applies for this service when using a credit card. This fee is charged by VitalChek.

Obtaining Copies Online

Online requests may be submitted through an independent company that we have partnered with: LexisNexis VitalCheck Network Inc. Click here for our Records Index Search page. An additional non-refundable fee is charged by LexisNexis for using this service, and all major credit cards are accepted, including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or Visa®. 

Please note: When ordering copies, the additional processing fee charged by LexisNexis VitalCheck Network Inc is $6.00. Express mail services are available for an additional fee starting at $19.00. You may order official records from 1980 to present only.



Certification of the document makes the document as good as an original. 

The County of Riverside takes no responsibility for, and exercises no control over, the organizations, views, or accuracy of the information contained on the LexisNexis VitalChek website.